Terms of Service

This website was launched April 5, 2018. The terms of service are:

  1. The info published on this site is to connect members and spaces on the Coworking Visa.
    1. If you are a member and want to find spaces to work at, that’s great.
    2. If you want to be a member of a space, that’s also great and you can find spaces here with similar community values.
    3. If you are a member-owner and want to strengthen the relationship between these spaces, that can be great.
    4. If you want to promote these coworking spaces, this website, or the Coworking Visa, that can be great, such as writing an article about us.
    5. If you screenshot the map, please include a link to https://coworkingvisa.net
      or https://coworkingvisa.net/map/ above or below it. Please don’t embed the map; the software hosting it will change so as to stay up-to-date.
    6. If you want to update the Coworking Visa wiki into the structure that exists on that site as of April 13, 2018 and for the previous many years, or a very similar structure, with the updated listings info from this site and within these other Terms of Service, you can do that, please just link back to this site from each page that you update, same as we do here on our one listings page at the top of https://coworkingvisa.net/list/ back to the wiki, so it’s reciprocal.
  2. How this site is similar and different from the Coworking Visa wiki:
    1. The wiki for the Coworking Visa is hosted and managed by separate people who are not affiliated with this site.
    2. This site may provide questions about services of interest or optional financial contributions but answering or contributing will not be required, similar to how the hosts of the wiki for the Coworking Visa have for years asked for financial contributions for the Coworking Visa, and asked about other services, on their websites.
  3. The Golden and Platinum Rules:
    1. For info obtained through this website, the golden and platinum rules apply to everyone: treat other people the way you’d want to be treated if you were them, while also actively being considerate of how they want to be treated.
    2. The info published on this site is not to be used for: spam, sales, free offers or offers of any kind, email harvesting, data scraping, mass-emailing, etc, unless it’s within Sections 1f, 2b, 3d, 3e, or 3f of these Terms.
    3. The info on this site and the Coworking Visa overall is always totally free-of-charge to coworking space owners who participate, and to current members of those coworking spaces. This site will never offer Coworking Visa listings or access as pay-for-play in any way.
    4. This site will send out updates to the email addresses provided on the site, and will aim to be responsive to emails received.
    5. In the event that this site was to stop being hosted/available, then:
      1. a good-faith effort at quality would be made by someone else to contact the owner of this site,
      2. then after a full five business days after that of the site continuously being down,
      3. a copy of the listings info from this site and these Terms could be retrieved from archive.org and hosted by someone else who thinks they can do it at quality.
    6. These Terms can be made less restrictive if a vote by the site host is emailed to all coworking space owners listed on this site with enough advance notice and full disclosures for informed consent, and if a majority of those who vote, vote to change the terms.
  4. Contact:
    1. The contact and host for this site is Alex Linsker of Collective Agency in Portland, Oregon, U.S. https://collectiveagency.co/ Contact info is on that site, or by filling out the forms on this site.